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Officially and legally a co-op with nine members, one member one-vote, WhiteForest has grown a lot over the years! Originally maintaining sites for content creators using WhiteLe.af, we’ve been able to start handling Merch Fulfillment at the start of 2022 thanks to the support of Vaush. Although he was crucial in helping the start of WhiteFore.st, he’s allowed it to operate entirely independently and is more than happy to be treated the same as anyone else the organization is able to provide a platform and Merch Fulfillment to with QA and design approvals.

The original goals are all still the same, provide an accessible and independent platform for Content Creators, we’ve been able to expand that into fulfillment. Working with the printers from another CO-OP, looking forward, our shared goal is to make everyone’s lives easier and better who’s apart of the chain that results in a product. That means communication between printers and artists, printers not working 14 hour days to hit unrealistic goals, and lifting every member up with the co-op.

WhiteForest Structure
WhiteForest Structure

I couldn’t have guessed it would have grown and have the ability to do this but I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to ensure things are improved for everyone on board. The community has been great and those who’ve been here with me I wouldn’t trade for the world.

Thank you. We’ve made something great.

~ WhiteNervosa

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